National Farmers' Federation

Peak body calls for calm on poultry standards and guidelines process

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has today called for calm and for the industry to be afforded due process as public consultation begins on the Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for poultry production.
“The standards and guidelines is comprehensive and robust and one that has a proven track record with other industries,” NFF Chief Executive Tony Mahar said.
“The intention of the process is to allow people to have their say on what industry best-practice should look like.”
The NFF is calling on all political leaders and other interested parties to meaningfully engage in the process, with a view to achieving outcomes that best serve animal welfare.
“Processes such as standards and guidelines are the mechanisms that ensure animal welfare is upheld.”
“Predisposing an outcome not only undermines due process, it can also potentially undermine genuine animal welfare outcomes,” Mr Mahar said.
“Animal welfare is important for Australia’s farmers and they know it’s important to the community.
“Poultry farmers, just like all farmers, understand this and want to engage with the community.”
Mr Mahar said Australian poultry farmers were keen to talk openly with the community to provide an understanding of what they do and why they do it.
“What is critical now is that all parties are given the opportunity to be heard, and that contentious issues are discussed meaningfully,” Mr Mahar said.

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