National Farmers' Federation

Peak farm body calls for calm on poultry production guidelines

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) is again calling for calm and for industry to be afforded due process, during public consultation on the Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for poultry production.
The NFF has reissued the call, following reports of potential bans on poultry farming methods.
“It is concerning and unhelpful that statements have been made in some jurisdictions, while the consultation process is underway, insinuating that bans may occur,” NFF Chief Executive Tony Mahar said.
“We would caution any government contemplating any such measures to allow an informed and pragmatic process to take place.
“These are very serious threats that carry very serious consequences for farmers, communities and consumers.”
Mr Mahar said meaningful engagement with the standards and guidelines was the only way to ensure that appropriate and scientifically validated, measures took place within the industry.
“Predisposing the outcome does not only undermine due process, it undermines animal welfare itself.
“Animal welfare is a fundamental part of what farmers do every day.
“As collective industry we are committed to engaging the community in an open and transparent manner and call on all parties to do the same,” Mr Mahar said.

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