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Queensland farmers combine world-class beef production & forest growth

The National Farmers Federation is celebrating the environmental credentials of Queensland beef producers.

“When Aussies buy Queensland’s world class beef, they can be assured that the state’s forests have also been protected,” NFF President Fiona Simson said.

“In fact, the area deemed ‘forest’ in the sunshine state has grown.”

“Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped the radical green movement from now redefining clearing, or ‘deforestation’, to include regrowth.

“It beggars’ belief the lack of understanding of the scale of Australia and the remoteness of the pastoral sector that organisations like Unearthed (some sort of Greenpeace trojan horse) have and which now accuse Australian farmers of wholesale destruction when it’s a legal and legitimate practice.

“Queensland is 184,200,000 hectares. The state’s farmers stand accused of clearing 13,500ha over a three-year period, that’s less than 0.0024% per year. That’s less than a dandelion being removed in an English garden. So legal or not what exactly are they pointing out?

“Given the demonstrable lack of scale of the accusation, we can only conclude that this is yet another veiled attempt to use whatever means possible to damn the red meat industry out of existence.

“We have seen repeated attempts to undermine a sector that is vital for delivering high quality protein, critical for dietary needs, and is the socio-economic basis of many developing country’s economies and wellbeing.”

The 2019 National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report shows growth of forest area of about 160,000 hectares since 2008. Australia’s latest State of the Forests Report also confirms steady forest growth during the previous five-year period.

Australia ranks No. 2 for reforestation on the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation listing, with an average net gain in forest area between 2010-2020 of 446,000 hectares per year.

In addition, vegetative cover and vegetation density in Queensland are both increasing, and high ecological value areas are being protected.

“Australian farmers manage 51% of the Australian landscape. Queensland beef producers are world leaders in combining natural resource management and productive agriculture,” Ms Simson said.

“It’s fantastic that the data recognises the efforts of our farmers. It’s not only due recognition of their commitment but it provides important peace-of-mind to Australians who love their beef and want to ensure our precious Australia landscape is being cared for.”

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