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WTO delivers sweet justice for Aussie cane growers & millers

The World Trade Organisation has righted the wrongs of India’s ongoing price-distorting sugar production supports and export subsidies.

Australian and other cane farmers across the world, have been at the mercy of India’s non-competitive tactics, which are estimated to have cost our growers up to $1 billion between 2017-2021.

“It’s been a long-fought battle by Australia’s cane industry and the Federal Government, most recently under the auspice of Trade Minister Dan Tehan,” NFF President & Trade Committee Chair Fiona Simson said.

“The result demonstrates the power of WTO membership and the value in using it’s processes to stand up for rules-based trading.”

In its report, the WTO found India had export subsidies in place which were prohibited under trading rules, and it recommended their removal. The WTO also found India’s levels of sugarcane price supports had consistently exceeded permitted levels.

The NFF supports CANEGROWERS in calling on the Indian Government to embrace and comply with the findings.

“The decision was unequivocally in favour of Australia and other parties to the dispute, Brazil and Guatemala. We hope India will correct its activities and resume compliance with international trade conventions.”

The win sets the scene for the WTO’s review of tariffs imposed on Australian barley and wine.

“While, there is no correlation between this decision and Australia’s barley and wine matters, sugar’s positive outcome gives a much-needed boost of confidence to grain and grape growers looking to the WTO for justice.”

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