National Farmers' Federation

Raise your forks for Australian farmers

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) today welcomed the launch of Landcare Australia’s ‘From Farm to Fork’ campaign, an initiative to raise funds for environmental activities on farms and to educate Australian kids where their food comes from. Gerald Leach, Chair of the NFF Natural Resource Management Committee, thanked Landcare Australia for recognising the efforts of farmers who are caring for the land and producing food and fibre for our communities. “Australian farmers have been active in Landcare since NFF helped to create it over 25 years ago. Farmers understand that sustainable land management is in their best interests and a fundamental activity on farm. In fact, for every government dollar invested, farmers are estimated to have invested $2.60 in natural resource management,” Mr Leach said. “The campaign is a positive initiative for farmers and the communities they support. Funds raised will go towards knowledge-sharing projects that will enable farmers to work together to implement farm sustainability and preparedness programs.” The campaign is also aimed at increasing kids’ understanding of where their food and fibre comes from. “We want Australian kids to have a stronger connection to farming and to recognise the importance of sustainable food production in Australia. Greater understanding of who produces our food, and how its produced is essential, particularly when making informed choices about our health and wellbeing,” Mr Leach said. “Funds raised by the campaign will go towards more educational resources for Australian schools. It will also highlight the importance of a healthy environment in a practical way, looking at ways to enrich our biodiversity, soil and water quality, so that our farmers can continue to produce the safe, high-quality food our families enjoy.” From Farm to Fork, an initiative of Landcare Australia, is a fundraising campaign all about getting together to enjoy great Australian food, while supporting the farmers that make it possible. For more information, or to register support, visit http://www.fromfarmtofork.org.au

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