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Ruralco joins NFF: adding strength to the Farmers’ voice

The nation’s peak agricultural body, the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF), has today welcomed Ruralco Holdings Ltd as a full Associate Member. NFF CEO Matt Linnegar says Ruralco’s addition to the NFF further enhances its strength as the united voice for Australian farmers and the broader farm sector, including agribusiness. “Today, with Ruralco joining the 24 NFF member organisations at the decision-making table, the NFF stands as a powerful voice for the agricultural sector,” Mr Linnegar said. “Ruralco’s input to the NFF strengthens our insight and involvement in the many issues that affect agriculture, and ultimately, all Australian farm businesses. We are very pleased to welcome Ruralco on board,” Mr Linnegar said. Ruralco is a leading Australian agribusiness, operating more than 40 specialist businesses across the merchandise, fertiliser, seed, wool, livestock, real estate, risk management, water, grain, finance and insurance sectors. “With over 500 outlets and 1,500 staff based across Australia, Ruralco have been providing goods, services and advice to the farmers NFF represents for many years,” Ruralco Managing Director John Maher said. “From today, we are now also providing this advice as an NFF member. Ruralco will contribute to debates on the major issues facing the agricultural sector: everything from the carbon tax to global trade reform. “We look forward to contributing to the Blueprint for Australian Agriculture. We will be encouraging our clients, our executive and our staff to have their say on the future of the farming sector and the supply chain as part of this important initiative; just as all within the agricultural sector and the supply chain have been encouraged to take part. “Becoming an NFF member is both an opportunity and a responsibility. Issues that affect the business environment for farmers and agriculture as a whole affect our business. Decisions made in Canberra have a significant impact on our commercial operations. “We look forward to gaining a broader perspective of farming, agribusiness and all issues facing our sector, including government policy and legislation, from the NFF – and to playing our part around the NFF table,” Mr Maher said. Additional information on the NFF’s new Associate Member, Ruralco, is available from their http://www.ruralco.com.au/services[website]. Information on becoming an NFF member is available via the NFF http://www.nff.org.au/our-members.html[website]. Under the NFF membership structure, full Associate members are limited to a combined vote of no more than 40 percent.

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