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The people and the facts behind Australia's livestock export industry

The National Farmers’ Federation, Sheep Producers Australia and WAFarmers are pleased to provide the stories of the people behind the industry at Livestock Export Facts Stories like that of Bindi Murray, a third generation sheep farmer from Woodanilling in Western Australia. Bindi’s business is built on breeding healthy, content livestock. Bindi is committed to working with Government and industry to ensure the animal welfare standards she deploys on-farm are guaranteed across the supply chain. And the story of Andy Jacob, a Western Australian livestock carrier. Eight five per cent of Andy’s business is generated through servicing the livestock export market. He recently invested $400,000 in upgrading his fleet. A ban on the industry would see his business model collapse and he believes, that of many other of the State’s carriers. Live Export Facts also explains the many important reasons why we export sheep, including for religious and cultural reasons but also to encourage the self-sustainability of our trading nations. The new website provides objective information about what Australia is doing to ensure animal welfare across the value chain including through the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL). Australia is the only exporting nation whereby the entire export process from paddock to slaughter, is regulated. The facts and information provided are designed to provide Australians with a more informed understanding of livestock exports; why the industry exists; its value to farmers and regional communities and the farm sector’s commitment to improving its operation into the future. The National Farmers’ Federation, Sheep Producers Australia and WAFarmers remain committed to ensuring a future for sheep exports. A future, that puts the welfare of animals first and that continues to contribute to the sustainability and prosperity of our farmers and regional communities. Vist www.liveexportfacts.com

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