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UPDATED: Food, Fibre & Forestry Facts

By 2020, half of the world’s population will be on Australia’s northern doorstep, representing unparalleled opportunities for Australia’s economy, especially our dynamic farm sector. Last year, Australian farms surpassed $60 billion in farm gate income. The National Farmers’ Federation has a vision to grow this figure to $100 billion by 2030. The story of agriculture is not just about farmers. Agriculture supports 1.6 million jobs from the city to the bush, in areas like retail, logistics, processing and many more. To tell the impressive story that is Australian agriculture, the National Farmers’ Federation’s (NFF) has released its updated Food, Fibre & Forestry Facts publication. Just in time for National Agriculture Day, on Tuesday 21 November. The NFF’s most popular resource is the authoritative ready reckoner to the latest facts and stats you need to know about Australian agriculture. Food, Fibre & Forestry Facts is designed as a fast reference to top-of-mind national and state-by-state farm facts such as how many farmers are there in Australia, how much land do they farm, what is agriculture worth to our nation’s economy and how are farmers looking after the environment. The reference also drills down to specific figures on Australia’s leading agricultural commodities, including: beef; sheep, wool, grains, cotton, dairy, pork, rice, dried fruit,sugar and forestry. Whether you are a school student working on an assignment, a journalist working on a story or just an inquisitive mind, Food, Fibre & Forestry Facts has something for you. Download Food, Fibre and Forestry Facts 2017 here http://www.nff.org.au/farm-facts.html?download=DOWNLOAD For a range of Food, Fibre and Forestry Fact social media images see here https://www.agday.org.au/farm-facts

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