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Vaccination advice included in NFF’s updated COVID-19 Workplace Guide

The NFF has today released an update to its COVID-19 Workforce Guide which includes advice on vaccinations and the workplace.

The Guide, first released in April 2020, contains practical information relating to, for example, quarantine requirements for new workers, social distancing at work and financial support as well as work health and safety and industrial relations considerations.

“Farmers and farm workers have a responsibility to keep themselves, their team and their communities safe,” NFF President Fiona Simson said.

“Employers also have legal obligations and the NFF COVID-19 Workforce Guide is a valuable first point of reference as to how these responsibilities relate to preventing the spread of COVID-19.”

Ms Simson said the document had been updated to reflect the most up-to-date health guidelines and changes in the understanding of the virus and how it’s spread. Also included is a section on vaccinations.

“Vaccination is the key to all parts of Australian life returning to normal, including agriculture.

“The NFF continues to support the roll out of the vaccine and encourages eligible farmers and workers to get vaccinated as a matter of priority.

“As employers, farmers have an important role to play in facilitating vaccination for their workers.

“The Guide now includes practical information on what steps employers can take to encourage vaccine uptake in their workforce.”

Keeping workers safe and navigating complex border rules is front of mind for many farmers, as they prepare to harvest one of the largest winter crops on record. The NFF has written to National Cabinet this week again calling for a national approach to border crossings.

Ms Simson said as a starting point all states should adopt the National Agricultural Workers Code.

“At its next meeting, National Cabinet must affirm the essential nature of food and fibre production and take action to recognise this.

“Farmers are committed to doing their bit to keep their families, workers and at-risk communities safe. Especially in peak times, farmers need certainty so we can keep doing what we do best – keeping supermarket shelves stocked, supporting rural communities and powering the national economy.”

To download a copy of the NFF COVID-19 Workplace Guide, click here.

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