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Want to make a ‘real’ difference to world hunger and the environment? Make farming your uni choice

SOON the class of ’08 will be thinking about career options and further study next year… many with a desire to make a real difference in the world. According to the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF), a career in Australian agriculture should be the first choice for students filling out their university enrolment applications. “If students want to be at the frontline in environmental management, put sustainable food production into practice or are keen to make a real contribution to feeding and clothing people the world over, then a career in Australian agriculture is just the ticket,” NFF CEO Ben Fargher said. “Young people are increasingly exploring a raft of career options outside their normal realm of experience. Besides working in sustainable land management and food production, agriculture holds broader opportunities in business, finance, marketing, science, food technology, and innovation. “Australian agriculture plays a massive role in feeding and clothing the world. We export over 60% of everything we grow and are suppliers of choice for world markets looking for clean, green, sustainable, low emission and quality produce. Australian farmers are world-leaders in these fields. “Students should not be ‘turned off’ by drought. In fact, many market analysts predict a boom in soft commodities (or food) – spurred by global population growth – while more than 2.5 job offers are available for every graduate, with salary packages above the national average. “By selecting a career in agriculture, young people can tangibly help to alleviate world hunger in developing and third world nations, and tap into a sector with growing career options. “Every Australian cares about our environment and the world we live in. Farmers are stewards of over 60% of the Australian continent, so it makes sense to consider a career at the forefront of protecting our diverse flora and fauna, while managing entire eco-systems. “Farmers plant over 20 million trees a year and develop wildlife corridors on their properties to conserve native species and allow animals to move across the land safely. “Meanwhile, career opportunities in farming are expected to explode when the drought breaks, with over 100,000 jobs – around 80% requiring skilled and highly skilled people – to be filled. “Apart from agricultural careers in the cities, a career working on farms is an exciting departure from the daily grind… providing a great lifestyle, working in the fresh air, caring for animals, looking after our environment, being your own boss and doing something different every day. “For those not ready to head off to uni just yet, time spent travelling and seeing Australia while working in the wide variety of rural industries is a fantastic way to spend your gap year.” To discover the world of opportunities available in agricultural careers visit: http://www.agrifoodcareers.com.au[Agrifood Careers] and make agriculture your first choice for university. The closing date for university admission applications across Australia is 30 September 2008. [ENDS]

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