National Farmers' Federation

Woolworths ditches $1 milk, farmers call on other supermarkets to follow suit

The National Farmers’ Federation says a decision by Woolworths to do away with $1 per litre milk was welcome news for dairy farmers.
“Today Woolworths has demonstrated it understands the pain the $1 milk disaster inflicted on farmers and is willing to begin to unwind the hurt caused,” CEO Tony Mahar said.
Woolworths announced it would indefinitely extend its milk ‘drought levy’, fixing its own-brand milk to $1.10 per litre. The extra 10 cents will be passed back to farmers via processors.
“It’s definitely a step in the right direction. The NFF now calls on the other big supermarket chains to follow Woolworths’ lead and make $1 milk history.”
Mr Mahar said the plight of Australia’s dairy farmers should ignite a larger national discussion about the value we place on our food.
“Like Agriculture Minister, David Littleproud said, there is no point having cheap milk if our dairy farmers are broke.
“Australia’s dairy sector is made up of some of the nation’s most efficient and hardest working small businesses.
“Consumers must be willing to pay just a little extra to ensure a sustainable Australian dairy sector.”
“And we must also remember, it’s not just the price of milk that dictates farmers’ fortunes but that of all dairy products such as yoghurt, cream and cheese. Milk is but one small component.”

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