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Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program Terms & Conditions

About the Diversity in Agricultural Leadership Program

The DiALP is an initiative of the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF), the peak body representing Australia’s farm sector. The DiALP is supported by a number of Partners. More information is available here.

The DiALP mentoring opportunity is designed for aspiring female leaders with a passion for agriculture. This program will match mentors (male and female) with successful applicants (mentees). 

Mentors will be nominated by DiALP partners. The mentorship will run from May 2022 to October 2022. Mentees, with their mentors, will be required to identify their leadership goals and develop a strategy for achieving them or making progressing towards achieving their goals. 

Mentees and mentors will be required to commit to meaningful, regular communication via telephone, email or video communication such as Skype. One face-to-face meeting during the duration of the mentorship is required.

Who should apply?

Applicants must be female and over 25 years old. The DiALP program is designed for aspiring female leaders who have already made some progress on their leadership journey. 

This might include, but is not limited to, the completion of another leadership program, tertiary or vocational study or community involvement. Applicants need not be actively involved in agriculture to apply (whether that be on farm, in agribusiness, farm advocacy or another related field) however, this will be viewed favourably. 

Applicants MUST demonstrate a desire to demonstrate leadership in the agriculture industry into the future.

How will applicants be chosen?

  • Applications must be submitted by 5pm eastern standard time (EST) 25 April 2022.
  • Applicants will be assessed according to the above criteria at the absolute discretion of the National Farmers’ Federation.
  • Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application by mid late April.
  • 12 applicants, subject to credentials, will be chosen to take part in the Program.

What time commitment is required?

Applicants must, except in approved exceptions, be available to travel to Canberra for two one-day events during May 2022 and October 2022 (dates to be confirmed) and commit to dedicating a cumulative additional 75 hours to the program.

Please note that this is pending any travel restrictions or border closures.  

It is also encouraged that mentors meet with their mentees at least once face-to-face at a destination determined via consultation between the mentee and mentor.

Associated costs: The NFF will cover the approved costs of travel and associated expenses to a cap of $4500.

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