National Farmers' Federation

Biosecurity and Quarantine

Biosecurity boosts agricultural production and is a major asset in marketing Australian produce overseas because new export markets demand high-quality, safe food.

A robust, efficient and science-based quarantine and biosecurity regime is critical to maintaining Australia’s favourable trade position by preventing pest and disease incursions.

The NFF seeks a strong, robust and science based approach to biosecurity that protects Australia’s agriculture from pests and diseases and underpins the competitiveness of Australian produce overseas.

Our vision:

To maintain Australia’s reputation as a world leader in biosecurity, the NFF suggests the following measures:

  • Improve stakeholder engagement with biosecurity through the establishment of a Biosecurity liaison officer from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.
  • Maintain policy and program capacity within the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, including biosecurity expertise.
  • Implement the new Biosecurity Bill 2014 and associated regulations that will provide a strong and science based biosecurity regime.

More Information:

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