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ACCC supports 5-star Safety Rating System for quad bikes

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has welcomed the release of the Australian Competition and Consumers Commission’s (ACCC) comprehensive final report into quad bike safety including recommendations for measures to establish a safety standard. Importantly, the report supports the introduction of a 5-Star Star Safety Rating System, a change the NFF has advocated for for some time. “Since 2011, about 130 people have been killed and on average six people each day are hospitalised in quad-bike related incidents,” NFF President Fiona Simson said. “This comes at a cost to the economy of at least $200 million per year, not to mention the pain, suffering and associated expenses inflicted upon those affected, including friends and families of victims.” The recommendations made by the ACCC include a standard which mandates that key information on a quad bike’s stability and design specifications be made available for consumers. A minimum stability standard and operator protection devices (OPDs) would also be made mandatory for general-use models, minimising the risk of rollovers and significantly reducing the risk of death or serious injury if a rollover should occur. Under the recommendations, sport, youth and transition models would be exempt, and a two-year transition period would ensure general-use models could be brought up to the new standard. The introduction of a 5-Star Star Safety Rating System, that is managed and administered independently from manufacturers, would allow consumers to easily compare the relative safety of available quad-bike models. “The NFF has long called for the introduction of a 5-Star Safety Rating System,” Ms Simson said. “Consumers deserve the right to safety information relevant to the quad bike they intend to purchase to make informed decisions about the safety of themselves, their families and workers. The ACCC’s recommendations would ensure that this is possible.” The NFF is calling on the Government to implement the ACCC’s recommendations to save lives and prevent countless on-farm injuries. Stakeholders are invited to review and provide further comment on the recommended standard. Submissions close 10 June 2019 https://www.productsafety.gov.au/product-safety-laws/safety-standards-bans/safety-investigations/quad-bike-safety

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