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Bush communications coalition calls for broadband monitoring to be expanded

The Regional, Rural and Remote Communications Coalition (RRRCC) is calling on all broadband users to consider volunteering to be a part of the ACCC’s Broadband Performance Monitoring Program. The Program will see consumers receive independent information about broadband speeds based on feedback from remote testing at more than 4000 households. Specifically, the Coalition is calling on consumers on fixed wireless and satellite technology to register to be involved. “The ACCC funding does not extend to these services but we firmly believe that it should,” National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) President, Fiona Simson said. Ms Simson said the initiative was welcomed, however it was disappointing that the needs of regional people were not adequately considered by the failure to include fixed wireless and satellite. “Regional, rural and remote consumers are entitled to the equivalent level of broadband information as their urban counterparts. “Having this information is vital to create transparency and accountability about the standard of services provided to people in regional, rural and remote Australia. “It is telling that even ACCC Commissioner, Rod Sims, has acknowledged the majority of complaints about broadband speeds are from regional areas,” Ms Simson said. “Today we are making a call to action for broadband consumers, particularly fixed wireless and satellite users, to volunteer for the program. “By making our voice heard we can highlight the need for broadband performance monitoring for these service, and in turn demand a fair deal for all consumers.” Apply to volunteer for the Broadband Performance Monitoring Program here https://consultation.accc.gov.au/regulated-infrastructure/broadband-performance-and-monitoring-program/

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