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Farmers share their #RealClimateAction stories

More farmers are called on to share their climate stories through the NFF-led #RealClimateAction initiative.

“Already farmers, from beef producers in Central Queensland to vegetable growers in southern Tasmania, are sharing their unique but consistently positive message about how
agriculture is part of the climate solution,” NFF CEO Tony Mahar said.

Farmers like Len Parisi, Jake Hamilton and Ellen Litchfield.

“Using the hashtag #RealClimateAction more farmers are invited to join a direct conversation with the community about how they are responding to climate change while continuing to produce world class food and natural fibres.

Mr Mahar said Australians held high levels of trust and positive sentiment generally towards farmers and agriculture.

“It’s due recognition of the essential work done by farmers to put food on the plates of the nation, power rural and regional communities and punch way above their weight in contribution to national Gross Domestic Product.

“However, NFF research shows, when it comes to climate change and sustainability, Australians aren’t sure about the intersection of mitigating climate change and growing food and fibre.

“They understand farmers are at on the frontline of climate change but recognise some agricultural practices do generate emissions.

“Trust and confidence from the community is key to agriculture’s social license to operate.
“We need to take the community along with us if we are to avoid adverse regulation that our industry has been victim of so many times before.

“The good news is we have a fantastic story to tell,” Mr Mahar said.

Farmers can get involved by recording their own story and sharing it on social media using the hashtag #RealClimateAction.

See already shared videos here.

The #RealClimateAction campaign is part of the NFF-led initiative Telling Our Story which is made possible by the support of Meat and Livestock Australia, Nutrien Agriculture Solutions and Woolworths.

To learn more about #RealClimateAction, click here.

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