National Farmers' Federation

NFF commends Infrastructure Australia for increased focus on regional and rural development

The National Farmers Federation has acknowledged an increased focus on the development of regional and rural Australia in Infrastructure Australia’s 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan.

“Infrastructure Australia has clearly signalled to all Australian governments the need for a changed approach to the development of regional and rural Australia,” NFF CEO Tony Mahar said.

“The 2021 plan is representative of the deep engagement Infrastructure Australia has undertaken with regional stakeholders, including the National Farmers Federation.

“We commend Infrastructure Australia for working as a bona fide conduit between regional stakeholders and governments on issues of infrastructure and regional development.”

Mr Mahar said the NFF was particularly pleased to see:

1) An absolute focus on facilitating and promoting the role of an emerging regionalised Australia as an engine for economic growth; and
2) the focus of place-based development, one that does not pick winners and losers, but looks to strengthen regional centres and link other regional and rural communities to the benefits of these new regional powerhouses.

“We welcome Infrastructure Australia’s support for the focus of place-based development. The NFF’s Regionalisation Agenda paper, released by in 2020, makes the case for 20 place-based developments based on natural geographical advantages and existing transport, business and industry infrastructure and services.

“The NFF looks forward to continuing to work with Infrastructure Australia on the reforms needed to achieve a new genuine approach to regional development,” Mr Mahar said.

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