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Farmers urged to sign-up for ‘Farm Day 08’

AUSTRALIAN farmers – across all states – are being asked to throw open their gates to a city family for a day in May as part of breaking down barriers to metropolitan understanding about modern farm practices. Farm Day provides unique hands-on experiences and insight, along with the ability to answer all those “where does that come from?” and “why do they do that?” questions – dispelling myths in the process. Farm Day will run over 24-25 May 2008. “The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) is proud to be an official supporter of this great initiative,” NFF President David Crombie announced. “We know many Australian farmers are concerned about the perception of their sector in metropolitan mindsets, so this is their chance to get actively involved in turning those misconceptions around. “The NFF is pressing the case for modern farming and is already getting results. Independent market research shows that metropolitan perceptions of farming have improved dramatically. “There is much greater understanding and awareness of modern farming as environmentally-friendly and responsible, widespread recognition that farmers “do things differently today” and that the sector is ultra-efficient, technologically-advanced and internationally-competitive. “But our research also shows there is a gap in many people’s understanding regarding “what” modern farming is doing to achieve these successes and “how”. What better way than to demonstrate it first-hand to people during Farm Day? “We encourage all Australian farmers – big and small – to sign-up to Farm Day 08 and seize the opportunity to showcase, first-hand, where and how the quality food and fibre our city counterparts enjoy every day actually comes from. “Our farmers are rightfully proud of their cutting-edge technologies, internationally-renowned efficiency and environmentally and carbon-friendly farm systems – so let’s show them off! Farm Day is the perfect opportunity to put on show the techniques and systems that deliver Australians fresh, high quality, environmentally-sustainable and affordable produce. “Over 200 metropolitan families participated in Farm Day 07, when it went national for the first time. Survey results show that city people left farms with not only a greater understanding of how modern Australian farms operate, but more aware of the role farming plays in their daily lives. “The Farm Day theme is ‘fun, friendship and understanding’ and farmers from all over Australia should embrace the opportunity to interact with city families and provide fun, educational tours around their properties to explain the inner workings of modern farming. “There are always loads of questions to answer – and not just from children. The more farmers that take part, the greater chance of correcting misunderstandings, while also showing why Australian farmers are renowned the world-over for their clean, green, safe and high quality produce.” To learn more, see the NFF’s http://www.nff.org.au/education-farm-day.html[Farm Day Page]. To sign-up for Farm Day 08, farmers should visit the official http://www.farmday.com.au[Farm Day Website] or call 1300 36 70 36. [ENDS]

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