National Farmers' Federation

FFN, the next generation of the NFF Family

Australia’s national agricultural youth network, the Future Farmers Network (FFN), has joined the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) as an Associate Member.
NFF President Brent Finlay said the FFN’s addition to the NFF is proof that the sector is serious about supporting its next generation of farmers. He also said this was another step towards securing long-term growth in Australian agriculture.
“The NFF’s central role is to provide the united voice for farmers, and the wider agriculture sector, on the key issues facing the sector now and in the future,” said Mr Finlay.
“FFN will join us at the decision-making table, ensuring young Australian farmers across Australia are not only represented at a national level, but are actively involved in shaping the very policies that will affect them.
“We are pleased to announce this new partnership. The youth network will bring a new and fresh dimension to our advocacy efforts,” said Mr Finlay.
FFN Chair, Ms Georgie Aley, said their Network was encouraged by the ongoing support from the NFF and that their membership signals a step forward for young farmers in ensuring their contribution to national and long-term decisions regarding Australian agriculture.
“We are pleased to announce our membership of the NFF. We have had a long-standing relationship with the organisation, and membership provides further alignment with FFN’s objectives,” outlined.
“FFN is focused on ensuring young farmers views are fed into the NFF process. Our role is to provide transparency and clarity on the various views amongst young farmers and ensure they have a seat at the table in which to communicate these views.
“We know farm finance, community perception and viability of rural communities are important priorities for young farmers. Access to capital is crucial for new entrants to farming, or to support intergenerational transfer. We need to ensure we have a mature market in Australia to underpin the future needs of our young farmers,” said Ms Aley.

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