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Have your say: the 2011 Ag Census

The 2011 ABS Agricultural Census collects information on agricultural production throughout Australia, the contribution of agriculture to the national economy, and the management practices being adopted by Australian farmers. Some 170,000 farmers and rural businesses across the country have been asked to take part in the Agricultural Census. The information gathered is used to measure agriculture’s contribution to national production and to support agricultural policy development NFF CEO Matt Linnegar is encouraging all farmers and businesses to take part and to have a say, as the information provided helps to shape the agricultural industry and rural communities. By now, most farmers and businesses will have received their Agricultural Census form. Simply complete it and return to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, or hop onto the ABS website and complete the http://www.collection.abs.gov.au/eCensusWeb/welcome.jsp[online form]. And, to hear more from Matt Linnegar, click on the links below.

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