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Industry records positive year towards 2030 targets

Australia’s farm sector has recorded strong progress this year towards its ambition to become Australia’s next $100 billion industry, according to an annual snapshot released by the National Farmers’ Federation today.

NFF President Fiona Simson said farmers had overcome numerous challenges to post another record-breaking year.

“Official forecasts have us on track to exceed $78 billion in farm production for the first time this financial year,” Ms Simson said.

“This is despite the disruptions and setbacks of COVID-19, labour shortages, and a mouse plague in eastern Australia.

“This shows us that the drivers which underpin our growth are solid. Farming is a sustainable, long term growth opportunity for Australia that we must continue to seize.”

The NFF’s annual 2030 Roadmap Report Card captures progress by industry and governments against the sector’s 2030 goals. This year’s report card has found that in addition to the year’s financial result, the sector has also taken steps to position itself for the future.

“Three years into delivering the 2030 Roadmap, we’re starting to see the tangible benefits of having industry and governments behind a shared vision for the future.

“Areas such as recognising and rewarding environmental services, accessing new markets and better connecting with the community have all seen positive progress this year,” Ms Simson said.

“That said, there is plenty left to do. The farm labour crisis needs to be a continued focus for policymakers and industry. Attracting the human and financial capital to support our growth is a serious challenge that we need to square up to.

“Providing farmers with the digital skills and connectivity to take advantage of new technologies is also an ongoing priority.

“We know that the digitisation of farm businesses can bring huge productivity gains, but recent surveying by the NFF found services in the bush going backwards, rather than forwards.”

Looking ahead to next year, the NFF says a Federal Election provides an opportunity to put agriculture and regional Australia at the centre of the national agenda.

“This year has shown us that with the right policy settings, the farm sector can deliver big results for Australia.

“As we head to the polls next year, it’s critical that each party comes with a credible suite of policies to support our sector’s 2030 ambitions,” Ms Simson said.

For a full copy of this year’s 2030 Roadmap Report Card, click here.

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