National Farmers' Federation

Livestock exporters join swelling NFF ranks

TODAY the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) welcomed aboard its first Associate Member – the Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council (ALEC) – under the peak farm body’s new membership structure. Under its new representational model, which came into effect on 1 July 2009, the NFF has broadened its church to allow for wider representation, better engagement through the whole agricultural supply chain and an even stronger focus on evidence-based research and policy development. “These changes mean we’re enabling agricultural entities, including agribusiness, to be more involved with the NFF through the Associate Member category,” NFF President David Crombie said. “A key driver in the reformed structure is recognition of the changing face of Australian agriculture. “Modern farming is increasingly integrated and today’s farmers want, and need, to be more engaged with others along the supply chain if we are to assert and take forward agriculture’s contemporary case on national issues. “While the live export sector fills a very specific cultural and practical niche, it generates $1.8 billion each year in export revenue for Australia and provides over 13,000 Australian jobs. “ALEC will bring new impetus, strategic focus and insight to NFF policy formation. We’re looking forward to their active involvement.” ALEC Chairman Ian McIvor AM noted that the reformed structure of the NFF is an important catalyst for all those with a stake in modern farm businesses to join with farmers in pressing common goals. “We’re very pleased to be part of mainstream policy and advocacy through the NFF,” he said “The NFF has listened to the needs of farmers and heeded the realities of modern farm production in its restructure. “For our part in exporting 4.2 million sheep, 868,000 cattle and 89,000 goats each year, being part of the NFF is an important partnership for building greater understanding of our issues and enabling us to have a vital role in broader policy development. “For example, infrastructure development and making greater inroads into growing Asian markets, including Indonesia and China, are great opportunities for further expansion of Australian livestock. Our ability to grow the sector is only limited by our ability to gain access to those emerging markets.” More detail on the NFF’s new structure can be found in the http://www.nff.org.au/read/2468163990.html[Membership Proposal 2009] [ENDS]

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