National Farmers' Federation

WAFarmers to make their mark on national affairs

FROM today Western Australia’s farmers have an important stake in taking their issues to the national policy setting table, as the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) welcomes The Western Australian Farmers Federation (Inc.) (WAFarmers) into its ranks.
Through an 18-month review of farm representation in Australia, the NFF consulted extensively with farmers – across all states, as well as member and non-member farm groups – to devise a new national membership structure.
The NFF’s new regime came into effect on 1 July 2009.
“WAFarmers are now integral to the development of national policies and pursuit of the key issues that will undoubtedly impact farm production in this country for many years to come,” NFF President David Crombie said. “Their unique WA perspective can only bolster the voice of national farm issues.
“The NFF’s new membership model allows for wider representation, better engagement through the whole agricultural supply chain, a more cost-effective fee system for farm groups and an even stronger focus on evidence-based research and policy development.
“WAFarmers are first cab off the rank in taking up the opportunity to unite with the NFF, and we warmly welcome WA’s farmers around the national table.”
WAFarmers President Mike Norton added: “WAFarmers is pleased to have this seat at the NFF table, the state’s only organisation to be represented, providing our members with a true local, state and national voice.
“WAFarmers recognises the importance of having a united voice in the halls of Canberra, appreciates NFF’s ability to undertake this task, and looks forward to immediately getting on with the job at hand.”
Mr Crombie noted: “As part of our review, farmers told us that national issues are assuming increasing importance in the day-to-day running of their farms.
“When you consider the leading national issues of the day – climate change and the proposed CPRS, the global financial crisis and its impact on the economy, water security, the growing world food shortage, global trade and the need for greater market access… to list just a few – agriculture is fundamentally interwoven in all.
“It is vital that all farmers have a stake in the issues that will undoubtedly affect their sector over the years ahead. Through the NFF, farmers are putting their collective muscle behind these issues to wield utmost influence and get the most effective results.”

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