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National Farmers Federation teams up with Energy Efficiency Council to launch new guide on smart energy management

Today the National Farmers Federation (NFF) is teaming up with the Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) the peak body for experts in smart energy management – to launch a new guide for farms that are looking to slash their energy costs through smart energy management.

The new ‘sector spotlight’ on farms is the latest in the EEC’s Navigating a dynamic energy landscape series, and shows how farms can cut costs, improve productivity and reduce emissions with energy efficiency, renewables and demand management.

Tony Mahar, CEO of NFF, said the guide was timely: “Aussie farmers have seen their energy costs more than double in the last decade. The great news is we’ve seen leading farms avoid a big chunk of those extra costs by getting smarter with how they use energy.”

“There are great news stories across our sector – from piggeries that are powering their whole operation with manure, to farms that have implemented efficient irrigation techniques that have boosted crop yield while cutting their energy costs by half. This guide is about getting those stories out there, and giving farmers the practical information they need to start reaping those benefits.”

Luke Menzel, CEO of the EEC, agreed. “Agriculture is getting more energy intensive, as farmers look to boost productivity and deal with other challenges such as reduced rainfall. Put that together with volatile energy prices and farmers are more interested than ever in what they can do to manage their energy costs.”

“This practical guide covers all the bases – energy efficiency, renewables, load shifting and procurement – so it is a great starting point for farms looking to roll up their sleeves and start reaping the benefits of smart energy management.

The complementary report can be downloaded here.

The report will be formally launched at a free webinar this afternoon featuring:
• Edwina Beveridge, Farmer, Blantyre Farms, a piggery in NSW;
• Dean Cayley, Owner, Cayley farms, a mixed cropping farm in Queensland; and
• Karin Stark, Founder, National Renewables in Agriculture Conference.

Register here to attend the complementary event.


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