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Team effort will continue to keep shearing workforce safe from COVID-19

Peak woolgrower representative body, WoolProducers Australia, is working with the National Farmers’ Federation and the Shearing Contractors’ Association of Australia to protect Australia’s shearing workforce.

“In this unprecedented environment, growers and the shearing workforce are committed to doing what’s necessary to keep our workplaces safe and to ensure wool harvesting can continue,” WoolProducers CEO Jo Hall said.

Ms Hall said all members of the shearing team including growers, shearers, shed hands and visitors to sheds, had a role to play to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“While there have been no major incidents to date, there is no such thing as zero risk. But we know that if everybody does their bit, follows the now well-established COVID-19 safe guidelines, and encourages vaccinations, then we are giving the industry the best chance at remaining COVID-19 free.”

WoolProducers’ Shearing Operations: Protocols in response to COVID-19 guide for growers and contractors on best practice COVID-19 measures for shearing sheds is available here https://www.woolproducers.com.au/covid

The protocols include advice on:
·1.5m spacing inside the shearing shed
·Getting a COVID test and isolating when experiencing symptoms
·Getting vaccinated, if eligible to do so.
·Implementing QR codes, or written records, and ensure staff check in.

“It is in everyone’s best interests to continue to play their part,” SCAA Secretary Jason Letchford said.

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