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New FarmHub provides drought support information in one easy-to-use portal

A new online resource has relieved farmers of the hard work of looking for information on drought assistance. Developed by the National Farmers’ Federation and funded by the Commonwealth Government, FarmHub is a one-stop shop for details on assistance with fodder, water, transport, everyday living expenses, health and more. NFF President Fiona Simson said Federal and state governments, not-for-profit organisations and other community-focussed entities had made available a wide range of support measures. “There is a significant amount of assistance available to farmers, but knowing where to start looking can be overwhelming. “Farmers managing drought are already under pressure – feeding livestock, replenishing water sources and making important farm management decisions. “The last thing they need is to spend time making phone calls or trawling the internet to determine their options and eligibility for help.” FarmHub collates drought support and assistance initiatives all in one easy-to navigate web portal. Users simply visit farmhub.org.au and an easy search function allows farmers to search by ‘key word’, type of assistance sought or location. Users are not required to register or submit any personal details. The portal works well on smart phones and tablets and printed materials are available. The FarmHub is designed primarily for farmers but will also be highly useful to those providing professional services to farmers such as rural financial counsellors, accountants, solicitors and health professionals. “The best part of the FarmHub is that farmers can be assured that all information published is accurate and reputable with the NFF having verified the authenticity of the data.” Ms Simson said the ‘Knowledge Centre’ within the Farm Hub provided essential information across a variety of drought related topics. “We’ve reached out to the experts in our industry to access valuable information on drought-related topics such as: what to do with a failed crop; feeding livestock during drought and tips for maintaining sound sleep patterns.” The FarmHub www.farmhub.org.au is a part of a suite of Australian Government drought support measures announced at the Prime Minister’s National Drought Summit last October.

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