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NFF praises regionalisation in action

New South Wales’ Namoi region will be further developed to promote agriculture particularly beef, sheep and poultry through a partnership between Namoi Unlimited, the NSW Government and the Future Food Systems CRC.

The development is part of the Namoi’s appointment as one of four Regional Jobs Precinct’s in regional NSW, which is an extension of the state government’s Special Activation Precincts program.

National Farmers’ Federation Chief Executive Tony Mahar welcomed the news and said the initiative was a perfect example of governments and industry working together to capitalise on a region’s natural advantages to create jobs and economic growth.

“Naming the Namoi as an agriculture Regional Jobs Precinct is putting NFF’s Regionalisation Agenda into action.

“The five local government areas that make up Namoi Unlimited are home to some of Australia’s most productive agricultural land.

“It makes sense that livestock production, in particular, be the focus of creating new opportunities for farmers and other locals.”

Through the government-industry partnership, opportunities to value add to the Namoi regions’ raw primary products will be explored. 

“Valuing-adding has the opportunity unlock the next frontier of profitability for farmers and is a key focus of NFF’s Regionalisation Agenda.

“We welcome the collaboration with the Future Food CRC, made up of leading Australian universities, and the intention to leverage advanced technologies to pursue the cost efficient, sustainable manufacture of agricultural produce.”

Mr Mahar acknowledged the many years of work by Namoi Unlimited to have the region recognised as a ‘Super Cluster’ which replicates international collaborations on food supply, advanced manufacturing and supply chains.

“Until now the region, like others across Australia have been held back by challenges such as land use conflicts, aging utility and transport networks and cumbersome regulation.

“It’s hoped that this initiative can be a blueprint for local government, state government and industry working together to overcome barriers to growth.”

Mr Mahar also praised the Federal Government’s new Regional Research Collaboration announced by Decentralisation Minister, Andrew Gee today.

“Linking regional tertiary institutions with industry and tertiary outside the regions, will better connect the city with the bush and the opportunities that come with doing so.”

“In the same vein, we welcome the Tasmanian Government’s commitment to develop a state-of-the-art Tasmanian Agricultural Precinct with bases in Launceston and Hobart.”

“The Tasmanian government should be congratulated for recognising the huge role agriculture and farm businesses can play in not only recovering from COVID but establishing jobs and communities into the future for the benefit of all.”

See the NFF’s Regionalisation Agenda here.

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