National Farmers' Federation

Post-2020 Emissions Reduction Target: Statement

The Federal Government has released its proposed post-2020 emissions reduction target to take to the United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held in Paris this December.
The Australian agricultural sector recognises the importance of the issue and is actively taking steps across a range of commodities to help reduce emissions.
Meeting the Government’s proposed target will require a consistent policy environment that provides certainty to business and facilitates long-term investment to see agriculture meet its full potential.
It is important that agriculture and other trade-exposed sectors are not put at a competitive disadvantage through policies designed to achieve such targets.
The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) worked closely with the taskforce from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, who were charged with providing advice to Government on measures to achieve these targets.
The NFF’s priority was to highlight to Government the range of opportunities present in the agriculture sector to reduce emissions in a way that aligns with the Direct Action policy.
The NFF is committed to working with Government on the delivery of efficient and effective methods to reduce emissions across farming systems. Such efforts will facilitate increased farmer representation in reduction programs, including the Emissions Reduction Fund.
– Tony Mahar, Deputy Chief Executive, National Farmers’ Federation

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