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Statement on China’s anti-dumping investigation into Australian wine imports

A decision by the Chinese Government to immediately launch a one-year anti-dumping investigation into Australia’s wine imports is baffling and deeply concerning.

As is the prospect of a countervailing duties investigation, which has also been flagged with the Australian Government, by Chinese authorities today.

Australian wine exporters, like all Australian farmers, operate in a free and competitive market and pursuant to a rules-based global trading system. Our farmers are among the least subsidised in the world. Claims that Australian wine makers are selling wine into the Chinese marketplace at below market price are completely unsubstantiated.

Almost 40 per cent of Australian wine is exported to China. The Australian wine industry has spent many decades establishing a highly valuable relationship with China, built on a high-quality product and mutual respect.

As an industry, we must have confidence in the one-year investigation to be carried out by China’s Ministry of Commerce.

We will support the Australian Government, and work closely with the grape & wine sector, to cooperate with the investigation and to ultimately resolve this worrying situation.

Almost 30 per cent of Australia’s total agricultural exports go to China. It is an important and valuable market for Australian farmers. It is crucial that every trade-related issue is considered in isolation and on its merits.

We wholly expect that there will be a continuation of Australia’s mutually beneficial trade relations with China that has at its core the China Australia Free Trade Agreement signed in 2016.

This statement can be attributed to NFF President Fiona Simson.

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