National Farmers' Federation

Statement on Shenhua coal mine approval

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) joins with the community of the Liverpool Plains and NSW Farmers in raising serious concerns about the Federal Government’s decision to approve the Shenhua coal mine.
A large open cut mine which has the potential to compromise food and fibre production should not be allowed in close proximity to some of Australia’s best agricultural land.
The NFF believes the decision by both the NSW and Federal governments demonstrates an unwillingness to properly balance the needs of mining industries with those of farmers and food production.
We urge the Federal Government, in collaboration with the NSW Government, to redouble their efforts and leave no stone unturned in the protection of agricultural land and water assets.
The decision by the Federal Government should prompt a rethink and public debate about how farm land is protected in this country.
– Simon Talbot, Chief Executive Officer of the National Farmers’ Federation.

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