National Farmers' Federation


The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has today welcomed the announcement by the Federal Government that support will be provided to small businesses in Exceptional Circumstance (EC) declared areas whose income is dependent on farming.
“It is well known that it is not only farmers and their families who are impacted by such a severe drought event. Small businesses in drought-affected areas are also under significant pressure,” NFF Chief Executive Officer Ben Fargher said.
“While so many farm businesses are effectively locked down and in survival mode, contractors and other farm related small businesses relying on agriculture for income also find themselves under extreme financial stress.
“Today’s announcement will provide these businesses with support and assist them to manage through what is one of, if not the worst, drought on record.
“The NFF believes it is appropriate to support and protect the productive capacity of the nation’s farming sector during an exceptional event such as this current prolonged drought.
“We will continue to closely monitor the situation facing the farm sector and continue to provide Government with up-to-date information of the situation on the ground.

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