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Notices of changes to the Assessment and Certification Framework 

Changes to the Assessment and Certification Framework will be published here. 

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Making a complaint about a provider 

The NFF takes complaints about the data practices of assessed and certified providers’ products, projects, and services seriously, has a process in place to investigate these, and if required will cancel the certification. 

Complaints about the data practices of providers that have a Summary Audit Report or certification should be submitted in writing to farmdatacode@nff.org.au. Please include your contact details, and evidence (where possible) to support your complaint. 

All complaints are confidential, and complainant’s details will not be shared with the provider or published. Please refer to our Certification Privacy Policy for more information. 

The NFF will advise the provider and complainant of the outcome of the complaint investigation. 

Please note that the NFF doesn’t mediate and will not seek to resolve individual disputes or make good any wrongdoing – such as data breaches.