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The Australian Farm Data Code aims to promote adoption of digital technology, by ensuring that farmers have comfort in how their data is used, managed, and shared.

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Register of assessed and certified products, projects, and services 

Provider  Product/Project certified Certification No. Farm Data Code Summary Audit Report
Pairtree Intelligence PairteePLUS 0001 NFF Farm Data Code Audit Report –
PairteePLUS 26Sep2023
CroppaCo Pty Ltd FarmSimple 0002 NFF Farm Data Code Audit Report –
FarmSimple 26Sep2023
Western Australia –
Department of Primary
Industries and Regional 
Development (WA DPIRD)
eConnect Extrata
Data Sharing
0003 NFF Farm Data Code Audit Report –
Extrata 26Sep2023
Open Food
Network Australia
Open Food
Network Australia
Software Platform
N/a NFF Farm Data Code Audit Report –
OFN Platform 06Feb2023
Map of Ag Australia PTY LTD
(formerly Rezare Systems)
Pure Farming 0004 NFF Farm Data Code Audit Report –
Pure Farming 27Feb2024
Farmbot Australia Pty Ltd MyFarmbot 0005 NFF Farm Data Code Audit Report –
MyFarmbot 20Mar2024
Trust Provenance
(T-Provenance Pty Ltd)
TPalltrace 0006 NFF Farm Data Code Audit Report –
TPalltrace 04Apr2024


The “Farm Data Code Provider Summary Audit Report” website (Website) is operated by the National Farmers’ Federation Limited (NFF). The Website provides a listing of data and technology products (Products), supplied by different providers (Providers), assessed by NFF for compliance with the NFF Farm Data Code (Code). 

What is certification? 

Providers who wish for their Products to be assessed and certified for compliance against the Code apply for assessment by NFF. NFF perform a desktop review of certain documents to assess a Product’s compliance before publishing the outcome of this assessment on the Website. Where a Product complies completely with the Code it will be certified.  

NFF’s intention is that the Website provides a quick reference for how Products comply with the Code and provides a summary of how Farm Data is handled by Providers.  

Certification and assessment is not advice on the quality of the services provided by a Provider or the Product and the review performed by NFF does not consider or reflect these aspects in any way.  

By including the Summary Audit Report or certification of a Product on the Website, NFF is not providing an endorsement of the Product, Provider or any services.  

How do members of the farming industry use the Website? 

NFF operates the Website to allow members of the public to review Providers’ and Products’ performance against the Code, as assessed by NFF.  

While NFF has taken all reasonable measures to confirm the accuracy of its assessment, it does not warrant that any information published on the Website is accurate, complete, reliable or up to date. We request that Providers ensure the information they provide is correct when they apply for assessment and certification, however rely on Providers to comply with this request. 

NFF does not make any representations or give any warranties about the information available on the Website or contained in the Summary Audit Report, or the suitability of any Provider or Product for a particular purpose. To the extent permitted by law, NFF will not be liable for any expenses, losses, damages or costs which might be incurred as a result of the information contained on the Website or in a Summary Audit Report being inaccurate or incomplete in any way and for any reason. 

What if the Provider’s product was not as expected? 

NFF encourages farmers to report to NFF any conduct of a Provider or a Product that does not comply with the Code. However, NFF accepts no liability for any aspect of the interaction between a Provider and user of the Website, including but not limited to fees, payments and refunds, scope of services, performance or delivery of any services or contractual disputes. NFF is not a regulator of the relationship between a Provider and any recipient of the Provider’s services.  

How is personal information used in a complaint? 

If you make a complaint, your personal information will be used by NFF to contact you and obtain additional information from you about the alleged breach of the Code. Your personal information will never be published by NFF or provided to a Provider.  

For further information on how NFF collects, uses, discloses and stores personal information, please see our Privacy Policy at https://nff.org.au/programs/australian-farm-data-code/australian-farm-data-code-certification-privacy-policy. The Privacy Policy also provides for how complaints related to privacy may be raised with and managed by NFF.