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Service providers who choose to get products or services assessed against the Code, demonstrate transparency over how they manage farmers’ data.

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Check your eligibility 

Assessment and certification against the Australian Farm Data Code (the Code) are for products, projects, and services offered by providers.  

A provider is defined in the Code as “any entity with a direct contractual relationship (written or verbal) with a farm business, which collects, interprets or manages Farm Data in the course of that relationship. Providers include but are not limited to: technology providers, research institutions, government bodies”. [Ref: Australian Farm Data Code, Edition 2”] 

If you are a provider and answer ‘Yes’ to all the questions below, you’re eligible to have your product, project, or service assessed against the Code: 

      • Do you have a direct contractual relationship with farmers/farm businesses? 

        • Do you collect, receive, use, manage, or share farm data? 

        • Are you an Australian entity? 

      If you didn’t answer ‘Yes’ to all the above, you can still get advice on how to adopt the Code – please contact our team at farmdatacode@nff.org.au for more information. 

      How to get assessed and certified against the Farm Data Code 

      Step 1: Contact us to set up an introductory meeting 

          • Contact us to set up an introductory meeting with our team – this will save you time in the application process and give you an opportunity to ask questions. 

        Step 2: Prepare for assessment 

            • Make sure you have read and agree to: 

                  • Get executive support for certification  

                    • Confirm team members who will be part of the application process – for small to medium organisations you will need 2-3 days from legal, IT and product staff 

                  Step 3: Apply 

                      • Confirm with our team that you want to start the application process

                        • NFF will issue you an invoice for the application fee – you need to pay the fee before starting your application 

                          • Complete and submit the: 


                                • Our team will assess your application and advise you of the results 

                                  • If you did not comply 100% with the Code, you will have an option to: 

                                      1. update your data terms and policies to fully comply with the Code, or; 

                                        1. choose to not fully comply with the Code and only get a Summary Audit Report published (Audit Reports are published in the Register of assessed and certified products, projects, and services

                                        • If you are 100% compliant with the Code, our team will submit your application to the Certification Panel for review and approval of certification 

                                          • If approved, you will be issued a Certification Mark with your unique registration number and your Summary Audit Report will be published 

                                        Step 4:  Certification! 

                                        Congratulations you are now certified and can use your Certification Mark to promote your product/project according to the Certification Mark Usage Guidelines. 



                                        There is only one fee payable to have a product, project, or service assessed against the Code. If the product, project, or service complies 100% with the Code there are no further fees payable for certification to be awarded.  

                                        The current fees for assessment and certification against the Code are: 

                                          2023 – 2024
                                        Start‐ups <$500k revenue   $700 
                                        Small organisations $500k‐$10m revenue   $1,500 
                                        Medium organisations $10m-$500m revenue   $5,000 
                                        Large organisations >$500m revenue   $10,000 
                                        Research projects   $1,000 

                                        Annual renewals per product/project/service have the same fees as above.  Fees listed above exclude GST.


                                        Helpful guides 

                                        Farm Data Code: Best Practice Guide